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James Joyces’ daughter Lucia was diagnosed with schizophrenia.
He was devoted to her and refused her diagnoses.
Joyce was convinced that the madness of his daughter, the schizophrenia, was actually genius – As a genius himself – he couldn’t tell the difference at first between his daughter and himself – her erratic behavior and “artistic” personality seemed like divine inspiration to him. He thought her madness was the ‘art’ in her – and he did not want to squelch her expression of herself in any way – He did not want to repeat what he had gone through in his childhood. So her illness progressed undiagnosed for quite some time. He had a hard time admitting how sick she was. It broke his heart.
Lucia was analyzed by many specialists, Carl Jung was the 20th specialist Joyce took his daughter to and Jung was the only that did not dismiss her as hopeless.

Jung compared her and her father to two people going to the bottom of the river;
but one was falling and would drown,
while the other was diving.


  • 10 December 2011
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